Koh Chang Shopping

Where to Shop and What to Buy in Koh Chang

Although shopping on Koh Chang can be very limited, it still offers some interesting items not found anywhere else in Thailand (like T-shirts with the word 'Koh Chang' on it). Shops are often located close together along the road of each beach. An easy stroll along the road will find you small shops one after another. Shops on every beach are pretty much the same so don't expect much variety other than the usual mix of souvenirs, beachwear, Thai paintings, CDs and DVDs and sunglasses. Trinket (handmade accessories and scarves, among others) sellers usually roam the beach and displaying their products right in front of your resort's beachfront area.

Some major beaches like White Sand and Kai Bae are home to Speedo and BSC (a brand of swimming suits) shops. For a variety of unique lamps, make your way to Portobello shops in White Sand Beach (one located next to and the other just across the street from Koh Chang Kacha Resort & Spa). These chic air-conditioned shops are probably the most modern-looking shops on the island. Some also has a nice collection of new and used paperbacks available in different languages. Explore the shops in your area and enjoy what Koh Chang has to offer

Kai Bae Beach Shopping

Although shopping on Kai Bae Beach can be somewhat very limited, it still offers some interesting items not found anywhere in Thailand (like T-shirts with the word ‘Koh Chang’ on it). Shops are located close together along the beach’s main road. An easy stroll along the road will find you small shops one after another. Read More...

Klong Prao Beach Shopping

Klong Prao Beach has three villages – each with its own shopping plaza. The three villages are Bann Chai Chet (in the north end of the beach), Baan Klong Prao (the original main village located in the middle) and Baan Map Khangkhao (in the south end). You’ll find local the usual assortment of small shops, bars, restaurants, convenient stores, banks, tailors, tour agents, massage places as well as local facilities like temples, schools and clinics. Read More...

Lonely Beach Shopping

Although shopping is not what usually attracts visitors to Lonely Beach, it still makes a great pastime activity. Put your bargaining skill to the test with the locals at the many shops found dotted the area. Alternatively, head to the souvenir centre in Bangbao Village, located further south of the beach, for a more extensive range of things to buy from beach gears like shorts. Read More...

White Sand Beach Shopping

White Sand Beach has a great concentration of small shops selling cheap beachwear, sunglasses, CDs and DVDs, paintings and Koh Chang souvenirs. An air-conditioned ‘Portobello' offers hand-crafted, unique table and floor lamps as well as costume jewellery made from silver, precious and semi-precious gem stones. Read More...

What to Buy in Koh Chang

Although not what usually attracts visitors, shopping is among one of the island's fun activities that can be had enjoyed by everyone in the family. A great selection of goods ranging from the island's souvenirs, handicrafts, painting, beachwear, sunglasses, fabric to CDs, DVDs and books are on offer. Shops in each beach are easy to locate as they are often found in concentration along the beach's main road. Read More...

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