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With a multitude of eating places on offer, Koh Chang is a great place to explore local and international fare, not to mention fresh seafood served to you right on the beach. Finding a place to eat is pretty much a convenient and hassle-free experience since each beach area is laid out in a simple and straightforward way. The main road, flanked by a multitude of restaurants, shops and food stalls, usually runs parallel to the beach, making it easy to locate any restaurant you’re looking for. Here are some of each beach’s most popular eating places to get you started!

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Where to eat in Kai Bae Beach

Pao Pak Noodle
The name in Thai means ‘lip-blowing noodle’. It’s so named because of the mild spicy burn sensation the noodle causes. Pao Pak Noodle serves a variety of noodle with specially marinated pork. Some of the most popular dishes include honey-marinated and crab-flavoured stew pork. One thing to keep in mind is to go easy on the mighty ground chili!

Kai Bae Marina
Best known for its deliciously large steaks, Kai Bae Marina is a well-established restaurant serving a selection of German and European dishes as well as a wide range of pizzas, pastas, spaghettis and an impressive range of Thai specialties. Movies are also screened in the
restaurant on a nightly basis.

Papa’s Deli
Sitting opposite Kai Bae Marina is a cute bakery shop called Papa’s Deli. Set in air-conditioned comfort, the shop features a tempting selection of freshly-baked pastries, tasty baguettes and croissants. This place also serves a great range of coffee drinks.

Where to eat in Klong Prao Beach

The Taj
Located on the road into Chai Chet at the northern end of Klong Prao Beach, The Taj serves up a wide selection of classic aromatic northern and spicy southern Indian cuisine. House specialties include tandoori chicken, aloo palak and chicken tikka masala.

Sea Breeze
Placed within Koh Chang Tropicana Hotel, Sea Breeze boasts a menu filled with mouthwatering and locally caught seafood. Recommended dishes are tiger prawns and grilled lobster served with a butter and garlic sauce.

Blue Lagoon
Situated on a small lagoon opening onto Klong Prao Beach, Blue Lagoon is home to imaginative recipe selections like shrimp wrapped with noodles and topped with sesame seeds deep-fried with sweet chilli sauce and ‘som tam polamai’ (spicy fruit salad).

Enjoy modern Italian cuisine in a vibrant setting at Sassi, one of Amari Emerald Cove Resort & Spa’s restaurants, where you can share an anti-pasti with friends or linger over a bottle of wine from the extensive cellar with a loved one.

Kati Culinary
A great place to sample a wide range of authentic Thai dishes like ‘tom yum kung’ (hot and sour shrimp soup) and ‘pad thai’ (stir-fried noodles with dried shrimps), Kati Culinary also offer Thai cooking classes for those who wish to master the art of Thai cooking.

Orn Kai Moon
Orn Kai Moon serves up authentic ‘Isan’ (northeastern) food, along with special ‘kai moon’ (rotating grilled chicken) and an impressive choice of spicy salad. This small and lovely restaurant is located before the entrance to Klong Plu waterfall, one of the most popular attractions on Koh Chang.

Where to eat in Lonely Beach

Joy Cottages
This riverside bar/restaurant specialises in delicious seafood and offers a great selection of Thai and Western cuisine from the famous hot and sour shrimp soup to a variety of pizza and pasta.

BB Divers Pool & Lounge
This dive shop is a combination of bar and restaurant all rolled into one with its own swimming pool. Serving a variety of pizza as well as Thai and a mix of Western food, this place also holds regular pool parties.

Where to eat in White Sand Beach

Somtam Kai Moon
Somtam Kai Moon is an excellent roadside restaurant serving up Thai ‘isan’ (northeastern) food. Other than the usual ‘som tam’ (spicy papaya salad) and favourite Thai dishes, the restaurant is also famed for its rotating grilled chicken (‘kai moon’).

Ba Mee Nong Bua
For a quick meal, visit Ba Mee Mong Bua for some delicious egg noodle with BBQ pork. The restaurant also serves seafood noodle, ‘khao mun kai’ (rice and chicken), ‘khao moo dang’ (BBQ pork and rice) as well as a selection of Thai food topped over steamed rice.

Pizza Ban Nuna
A tropical garden restaurant with a small bar section, Pizza Ban Nuna is a down to earth pizzeria with a scrumptious selection of BBQ, homemade pizzas, schnitzel, kebabs and much more.

15 Palms
15 Palms is a beachside bar and restaurant that features a large selection of Thai and Western dishes, all day full English breakfast, children’s menu and free wireless Internet access. A regular free shuttle service to Paddy’s Palms Irish Pub is also available.

Paddy’s Palms
Recently opened, Paddy’s Palms is located just up the hill from White Sand Beach. The menu offers a great variety of European and Thai options with classic pub grubs like Irish stews, shepherd’s pie and beef in Guinness.

Reputably the best Italian restaurant on the island, Invito is located at the southern end of the road, opposite Plaloma Resort. Serving the best in traditional Italian cuisine, the restaurant features charming terrace, candle-lit tables and an extensive wine selection. The menu is selected from all regions in Italy. The restaurant also serves vegetarian dishes as well as cakes and pastries.

Ban Thai
Occupying a great beachfront position towards the southern end of White Sand Beach, Ban Thai serves a delicious range of traditional Thai dishes as well as Western favourites in a chic boutique resort environment. Enjoy your meal at either Western tables or in a comfortable Thai-style floor seating area.

The restaurant serves Thai and European menus right on the beach, as well as dishes individually prepared by the chef. In addition to a-la-carte menu, a choice of fresh barbecue seafood can also be had.

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