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Beach Vendors


Don’t be surprised if a horde of vendors hauling a bagful of knick-knacks makes a beeline for you as soon as you sit down on the beach. Among the most common stuff they’re selling are jewel accessories, hand-made bracelets and anklets, scarves, paintings, clothing items and customized Koh Chang souvenirs. Remember to bargain as these are often overpriced. If you’re not interested in buying any of their wares, a simple and polite ‘no, thank you’ (with a smile) would do the job. If the nagging persists, just ignore them.

Beach Activities


Other than swimming, bathing and sand castle building (for kids, of course), a game of Frisbee, volleyball and football can also be had right on the beach, especially when the tide is low. Feeling tense and tight in the muscles? Many small huts along the beach usually offer massage services. The most common ones include the traditional Thai massage and foot massage. Prices range from 200 to 300 baht. Kayaking and canoeing are also available at a small fee.

Facilities in Lonely Beach


Don’t expect too much from this beach in terms of facility. However, visitors still can find a handful of Internet cafés, ATMs, bank outlets, grocery shops, travel agents and tailors located alongside the main road. The beach itself has the usual concentration of restaurants, cafés, deck chairs and beach towels, which are offered by beachside hotels and resorts. Restrooms are also available for a small fee, and usually free of charge if it’s in a hotel or a resort.

What to eat in Lonely Beach


The beach area of Lonely Beach is home to some restaurants and cafés, most of which belong to a hotel or resort. Since there seems to be no food vendors roaming the beach, these eating places come in handy when you’re feeling peckish while relaxing or sunbathing. Almost all restaurants have a selection of favourite Thai dishes as well as popular international dishes. A wide range of drinks – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – is also on offer.

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