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Everything you Need to Know about Koh Chang Beaches

Koh Chang's beaches are divided into two groups, beaches in the western and the eastern side. Most of the popular attractions are located on the western side, including White Sand Beach, Klong Prao Beach, Klong Plu Waterfall, Kai Bae Beach, Lonely Beach and a fishing community of Bangbao Beach. The eastern side, on the other hand, is still largely unexplored, and contains less popular, but equally appealing places like Than Mayom Waterfall, Klong Nonsi Waterfall, Wai Chek Beach, Salakphet Bay, Long Beach, Salakkok Bay, fruit and rubber plantations as well as a few fishing villages.

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Most Popular Beached in Koh Chang

  • White Sand Beach Overview

    White Sand Beach Overview

    White Sand Beach is wide enough for a game of beach volleyball or sunbathing. The southern end tends to be on the rocky Read More»

  • Klong Prao Beach Overview

    Klong Prao Beach Overview

    Thanks to its location, Klong Prao Beach is split roughly into three sections by Klong Plu Waterfall's river estuary. Read More»

  • Kai Bae Beach Overview

    Kai Bae Beach Overview

    Close to main road, Kai Bae Beach is a wonderful combination between the convenience and touristiness of the Kai Bae Read More»

Others Beaches around Koh Chang

Bang Bao Bay

Located on the southwest end of Koh Chang, Bang Bao Bay (Ao Bang Bao) is a small fishing village built entirely on stilts stretching out into the bay. The narrow Bang Bao pier is lined with houses, shops, restaurants, souvenir shops and guesthouses. Corals here are very much intact, making Bang Bao one of the most ideal parts of the island to do some diving. If you're bored with the beach, come to Bang Bao Bay to experience a bit of a local flavour and see how fishermen live.

Salakkok Bay

This bay lies on the east coast of the island, opposite to all the island's main beaches in the west coast. The area doesn't attract many visitors as there are not many attractions, resorts and restaurants. The bridge 500 metres down the road takes you to a few wooden bungalows on the edge of the mangroves. The bay's only attraction seems to be the Mangrove Walkway on your left just before turning off onto the road to Salakkok.

Wai Chek Beach

This beach is situated around six kilometres southeast from Baan Bang Bao (Bang Bao Village). It's one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Chang, and it offers a gorgeous sandy beach and crystal clear seawater. Getting to this beach can be done by hiring a chartered boat, motorbike or car. If you're coming by a motorbike, it's best to take Salakphet - Bang Bao route through a rubber plantation. You'll then reach the coconut plantation a few hundred metres away.

Salakphet Bay

Sitting on the southwest of the island, Salakphet features a laid-back atmosphere of a fishing village, where peaceful and undisturbed local life can still be seen and experienced. The village of the same name once used to be Koh Chang's thriving commercial centre, but now it's pretty much quiet and doesn't see many tourists. The bay has a few small bungalows and lovely homestays. As for tourist attractions, there are two waterfalls in the area worth checking out called Klong Neung and Khiriphet.

Pearl Beach

Also known among the locals as Hat Kai Mook, Pearl Beach is a relatively small beach, compared to other areas on Koh Chang. The beach can be a little difficult to swim, walk and do activities on since it's full of small stones and pebbles - not an ideal place for those looking for a massive expanse of great sandy beach. However, the beach still features some appealing features available as it offers a great .spot for snorkeling, kayaking and canoeing, and a few small boutique resorts.

Bailan Bay

Bailan Bay is 20 minutes south of Lonely Beach. Considered the least developed part on the west coast of the island, this one kilometer-wide sanctuary is very popular among young backpackers and perfect for travelers who seek serenity and tranquility. Although not the best place to swim or do beach activities as the water is shallow with stony seabed, Bailan Bay still offers great amount of sunshine, lush unspoiled scenery and chilled-out atmosphere.

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